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Senn Foods was established in 1985.It is a 100% Botswana citizen owned company. Senn Foods is located in Tlokweng in South East District of Botswana. Senn Foods is part of the Derek Brink Holdings Group (DBH) of companies, which is vertically integrated and has interest in feedlots, layer and boiler farms, meat processing, abattoir, butcheries and game ranching.

Senn Foods has been a leader in the meat industry for over thirty years with enviable reputation for quality and customer service. It has a constant supply of feedlot cattle throughout the year with over 5,000 animals at the feedlot and back grounding in Ghanzi. We have grown fresh meat volumes and processed meat volumes by 63% in the last 3 years. Senn Foods is projecting a growth of 10% per year in fresh meat volumes in the next three years. We got export approval for processed meat and efforts are under way to expand capacity. Our abattoir, cold storage and meat cutting facilities are all licensed by the Director of Veterinary Services under the livestock and Meat Industries Act. Moreover Senn Foods  has an operating Biltong Factory which cost the company P4 million and employs 22 people as well as an upcoming Canning Plant budgeted for P30 million which is expected to employ 66 people and is expected to start operating between October and December 2016.

The mission and objectives of the company is as follows;


To be the best producers of beef and related products


  • To produce and provide high quality meat as well as processed meats
  • To maintain high safety and health standards in all operations
  • To export the Senn Products within SADC
  • To create meaningful employment for Batswana
  • To create value added environment for all stakeholders

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